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Salim Yusuf’s lecture on cardiovascular disease

Salim Yusuf är en av vår tids mest citerade forskare och han den mest framstående forskaren inom kardiovaskulär prevention och epidemiologi. Se hans fantastiska föreläsning om “causes of the causes”, vilket är hans teorier om hur högt blodtryck, höga blodfetter, diabetes och mycket annat kom att ta över sjukdomspanoramat under senare hälften av 1900-talet och början av 2000-talet.


A video lecture on cardiovascular disease and other folk diseases

Salim Yusuf is one of the most successful researchers of our time and definitely the largest in cardiovascular prevention and epidemiology. He has recently published the PURE studies in which it was found that fat, including saturated fat, was not dangerous, but, on the contrary, appeared to be useful in preventing cardiovascular disease and death. See his fantastic lecture on “Causes of the causes”, which is his theories about how high blood pressure, high blood lipids, diabetes and much more came to take over disease panamats in the late half of the 20th century and early 2000s.

Why is this relevant?

You probably know someone who has high blood pressure. In medical language cold hypertension “hypertension”. 90% of all who have hypertension have “essential hypertension”, which really only means that one can not find a reason why blood pressure is high. It has always been thought that it is simply the case that blood pressure is high because it is “necessary”, as if the body has deliberately raised the pressure (hence the term “essential”). The same applies to high blood lipids and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease (why have we been overweight, obese and developed diabetes, really?).

For decades, we have only taken it for granted that these risk factors are emerging, as if it were a coincidence. The purpose of the PURE study is to find out why risk factors arise. Thus, the causes of risk factors that cause cardiovascular disease (hence “Causes of the causes”) are being identified.

To do this, the PURE study was launched, which includes over 170,000 people, from 18 countries, 5 continents. PURE has mapped the lifestyle of participants, eating habits, blood tests, socio-economic status, the street they live on, the structure of society, the region’s resources, the structure of the country and much more. They have filmed, documented and recorded everything possible, hoping to identify the causes of the causes.

Read our review of the PURE studies.

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