Dr Aidin Rawshani

“No added sugar” does not mean that it is healthy


Researchers from the University of Toronto examined over 3000 foods with the aim of clarifying whether foods labeled “No added sugar” or “Less sugar” we’re better than other foods. It was found that these foods had a lower sugar content than the corresponding product without that labeling, but this did not necessarily mean that the product was healthy since many of the products were nonetheless very caloric and still contain high levels of sugar (higher than recommended by the WHO; World Health Organization).

This means that these labels (‘No added sugar’ and ‘Less sugar’) can be misleading and confuse consumers.

Among the foods studied were dairy products, cereals, yoghurt, juice, salad dressing, etc. More than half of all foods labelled (‘No added sugar’ or ‘Less sugar’) contained more sugar than can be recommended.

In other words, it is concluded that these labels certainly mean that the product is slightly better, but more than half of the products are not healthy.

Link to the study.

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