Dr Aidin Rawshani

New study on why periodic (intermittent) fasting works


Periodic fasting: introducing periods of fasting leads to greater weight loss and better blood sugar

We have previously undergone studies with LCHF, periodic fasting and others, where it is shown that periodic fasting often leads to better blood sugar and greater weight loss. The question is why periodic fasting is effective. The simplest answer is: when we fasten, insulin levels in the blood drop and fat begins to break down (insulin prevents the breakdown of fat).

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In this study, mice were allowed to eat LCHF and half of the mice were fasted for periods. The study lasted for 16 weeks. Scientists report that mice who were fasting had lost significantly more weight, which is consistent with studies in humans. Lasting mice also had better metabolism for blood sugar, more stable blood sugar and better insulin sensitivity.

It was also found that some white fat was converted into brown fat, which has always been considered desirable because brown fat produces more heat and thus burns more fat. Scientists believe that periodic fasting has resulted in just this, namely that the fat tissue has been converted to produce more heat (thermogenesis increases). The study also indicates that it may be that the explanation for this is that periodic fasting leads to more vessels growing out in the adipose tissue. 3

Previous animal studies have shown that ketogenic diet increases the survival, memory and life expectancy of mice. 4

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